The Sue and Ken Allen Family
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Sue Allen
Rachel Allen & children
Reed H. & Jen W. Allen & children
Julia Allen
Keith Allen


Ken Allen of Palo Alto, Retired Patent Lawyer

Collected Works and Writings of Ken Allen

Ken Allen's Video Collection

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The Family Art Gallery
Paintings by Family Members
John Henry Akert, Jr., Ethel Akert Neff Smith Midgley,
Albert Neff Smith, Venette Allen Kragenbrink


The following books, downloads and CDs are available to family members:
Contact ken.allen.ca@gmail.com for more information

Documents are available at www.dropbox.com upon request for access

"Daniel Allen - Pioneer Tanner"by Kenneth R. Allen (Genealogical Journal Vol. 31 No. 1
[March 2003]) Revised and available to download as PDF below

(download documents "Daniel_Allen_1804_Family_History" from here)
Many other documents are also available for download

The John Henry Akert (1836-1907) Family History (custom CD)
Chronicle of the Akert Family of Aussersihl-Zurich by Ernst Akert & Kenneth Allen (1995)
now on PDF (5.5MB) (
contact Ken Allen for a copy or see copy of this book online at a Family History Center)

Albert Smith (1854-1931) Biography
Contact Ken@allen21.com for complete family history, now on Dropbox
*Everett S. Roundy, "The Roundy Family in America" (1940 edition, book reprinted 2003)
The Biography of Shadrach Roundy (published 2007)
*The 1990 Update for the Shadrach Roundy Family (custom copy, PDf on CD)
*Gerald Haycock collection of Roundy genealogy, source materials and photos (custom CD 2004)
*Hayle Buchanan, "The Orson William Allen and Lydia Catherine Adams Family" 
(Printed by BYU Press-available only on CD 2003)
*The Brass Plates of Allen: William Berry Allen Family Stories and Genealogy  (custom CD)
*The Silver Plates of Smith: The Edwin Woodruff Smith Family & Genealogy  (custom CD)
The Albert Smith Book of Remembrance (custom CDs)
collected writings and genealogies of the Albert Smith families, as currently compiled
*Philip Kunz, "The John Kunz Family"  (book or a custom CD with excerpts from the Book)
*Peter Zemp Family Record (PDF file of original journal record)